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Tile roof with a plugged up valley
As debris falls into the valley it breaks down into silt and plugs up the valley flashing. This causes the water to run over the metal onto the felt, which over time deteriorates it, causing a leak. (see the photo to the left) The way to properly clean a tile valley is to remove the tile, clean out the debris, check the felt for damage and replace as needed. Replacing the valley metal with a 5 rib type helps to hold the tile above the valley, allowing the water and debris to run under the tile. (see the photo to  the right)
This roof has another problem the slope on the left is to flat for the tile roof which requires a waterproof membrane installed under the tile. (see the photo to the right)
Have your valleys checked every 3 to 5 years!
Below are some typical problems with roofs that most learn of after there is a problem.
Deteriorated hip and ridge shingles
This ridge product failed within 10 years of installation. It was an aftermarket product made by Dura Ridge.It was made out of organic felt rather than fiberglass, which is what the shingles are made of. For the most part this is a cosmetic problem and they can be replaced with a product guaranteed by the shingle manufacture.
Broken Roof Tile
This is an example of a broken roof tile that has been broken for more than 5 years. The felt has mostly disintigrated and the plywood is rotting. If this was caught early the tile could have been glued back together, a simple and cheep repair. To repair the damage, the tile will need to removed from an area as large as the felt is damaged which can travel down slope 10 to 20 feet, the felt replaced and the tile reinstalled with the broken one glued with concrete tile adhesive. 
Have your roof checked!
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